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It has become annoying to some people in that their ideas have become the topic of multiple experiences in several less then fortunate spheres of influence.

Example 1: the tone in a commercial creations gets greater and greater amounts of input, then does, say 'the dinner that goes on the table that night'

Example 2: what is meant by the term commercial [(.com) the idea of commercial experiences as they may be] and how net worthy they are considered and handled in turn...{this example was not for you}

Example 3: what is there to the thought that an idea you had or I had are even similar to the same discerning of thoughts.

Example 4: What do you mean by using some words that are simple enough yet still mis/ not understood by anyone else on these boards...   Like the word New or News or anything of that kind of "concept"

Example 5: when there is some newer from or idea then there will be news of it till then there is never anything "new" to report here except the possible creation of more pointless works of ideas repeated through the ages of life
xoet Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007  Professional Artist
Must I deal with my own mood swings between what happened then and what is now?

How do I know what detail to include, exclude, consider, misplace, alter, or generalize when ... the choice is less the obvious yet I still continue to create.

The idea is that all details are pointless useless forms of information that can / might / will occur with in the confines of thought and art and being.

enough said - what should I do next? be not afraid, there is nothing left to fear, for us all just don't get depressed the future is tomorrow.
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March 14, 2007


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