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  • Listening to: drones and blip magicks
  • Reading: your mind inside the heads
  • Watching: my memory of situations unfold
  • Playing: ninja arts
  • Eating: the action up.
  • Drinking: slow wavy sound bits
random tangental perpendicular to reality - non-surface skew //off// left field-and out there where it is lost in nothingness // schism // topicless // unreal-really/ / mew now new// find the random post.//or//do nothing and all is lost to the winding spirals of thought degradations or so it is know to be.

confusion was trying to do a journal entry and brought the idea to the forum where i was told go back to the journal and do that there...  nice..try...

ok fox in lots of ways wastes my time to think they put those people in front of the camera to relief the etches of the mirrors in my mind.

second world is more frozen today.

creler puts in the sky a light of time and such.. as it is.
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March 17, 2013


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