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random tangental perpendicular to reality - non-surface skew //off// left field-and out there where it is lost in nothingness // schism // topicless // unreal-really/ / mew now new// find the random post.//or//do nothing and all is lost to the winding spirals of thought degradations or so it is know to be.

confusion was trying to do a journal entry and brought the idea to the forum where i was told go back to the journal and do that there...  nice..try...

ok fox in lots of ways wastes my time to think they put those people in front of the camera to relief the etches of the mirrors in my mind.

second world is more frozen today.

creler puts in the sky a light of time and such.. as it is.
  • Listening to: drones and dull road bumps
  • Reading: your thoughts///
  • Watching: my memory of situations
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  • Eating: the action up.
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I was confused tonight s0. I decided to do some wide spread confusion .. you know mass confusion that lead to mass/massive pandemonium where the only way out was to go back to that boring set of knowledge systems contently and not worry about the paradoxical non-universe, universes that were created between what known dimensions we have left in this one, or that.

if there is a way to get closer to something new that is not real or kinda unrealish we might be going into that subjective thought definitions that gets indexed by meaningless symbolic analysis with a fine tooth dialectical of theory vs fact vs experience vs point of view where nothing seen is illusion and nothing of the illusion is really known or mentioned beyond the witches brew of pointless stupidity of the sunshine show to shine by some speck of thought constructing matter when thoughts are thought in the quickest constructiveness of mind and matter measured on the time-frame breaking thru the edge of the meaning that is. really went off sorry bout dat

the santa list of effects..

I think xmas is full of commercials that inundate the mind and saturate the public value system with nonsense... bah humbugger and no i will not change my name from think to thingfish or anteater or fartknocker or ratdogcat-fud no I will not change my avater to NEWNESSYEARZS for the last time eat my cd changer for instance right ,, I need a laptop or something else less real..

  • Listening to: drones and dull road bumps
  • Reading: realm eleven object quanta
  • Watching: the light breaks the sky's hold
  • Playing: space cadet
  • Eating: madder
  • Drinking: noise!/jetseen
the real thing even lost to the tears in time and the rain of mind/bounce the next realm meaningless unless that is not what it means sort the effected hallucinations into vbr and anti-vbr mind/bounded ripping the sky out of the textures it is in like reality burning on the time payment plan where pay dirt buys dirt and then we grow their air making breakfast tasks of ., mind/boundedness like fly's in the heat of winter opening there cares for other ways today.  burn their wings crisp and crinkle the elements of drugged lsd eats where everything in tune to the eye that has seen it and the world that held the dirt we pay for that then begins and ends again we reinvent the universe unified by time now.
  • Listening to: drones and dull bumps
  • Reading: realm eleven object manual
  • Watching: the light break the sky's hold
  • Playing: sto
  • Eating: tantra taste's
  • Drinking: red matter some
While here these are surging monolithic microwaves upon the vast universal multiplexical thoughts created just to be thought by everyone all at once.  

Yes we can find nothing more surreal then evenly timed half-lives onto the distant shores of genus created amid the turmoil of slipping beyond the fourth void where never had been forever.  

Being the tandem and directly paralleled to the fevers of free dimensionalisms of side-growths as when there was nothing to touch, hold on to be of.  These are the things that are merged into fresh fountains of flowing sounds ripped into mindless but mindful and space like tenacious vaccines to the impending doom so unknown and known to none.
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  • Reading: the cracks in the voids
  • Watching: seamless dialogs between
  • Playing: sto
  • Eating: time and space all up
  • Drinking: valuable elements in idea form
  • Listening to: delta galots: something I composed
  • Reading: the evolution of being
  • Watching: lesser effects of more or so I think
  • Playing: battlefront II
  • Eating: time and space all up
  • Drinking: valuable elements in idea form
As the exploding pyramid fell by and like into the sky and as that rose into the infinities of nothingness is were the really red and blue segments are but with the green rule of thumb (coded as the green thumb effect) states that these are the things that do not have much to them or a matter about them and just so as we will begin to grow into these perfect vacuum likeness of less but this is more or less then the more that was then where as the more is even still more as is less then the more that was once at those points in time and space forming along the linear evolution of genetics and star matter within what is alike and still is where it was but most of these time signatures and equations there of are valid in some formal contour being they would remind us that there is an ever so fast motion that it is an influx of pure thought only valid and only real at their own very being and is often much less than the real idea realized as the thought that went mostly at or before this in the vantage of the new but now we will consider them just past and the effects of these factoids and or factual theories as if we can and find that then there was some perfect intention intent on under-evolving mindless functions off center and out of focus in the knowledge through the mishaps of plenty of matter and dimensional motives of life with what qualities there is by making that quality of life greater, in the end, but less in the beginning or greater in the beginning and less - afterwords sorta.
  • Listening to: myself @ node one - modulation three
  • Reading: the cracks in realities endlessly spirialations
  • Watching: the universe explode again
  • Playing: battlefront II
  • Eating: time envelops
  • Drinking: h92o
for forgetting here we are there now.

for ever really an explainer of boundaries of thought with time and motion a function between each the other.

main values of thought are sphered into moving in gravities bend throughout the perfect persistence of theory in time and energies vast textures of friction as it is.

particle planets in like systems of thought even real at times making form and persistent passages throughout the very indefinite moss and moisture valued contextualizes because.

burning the bent crumbs of living thoughts like marble patterns in the middle of the way out in side the way into a place that is and was on the way.

quickly there is some kindness in a soon and free focus fragment like blended jelly on a peanut butter smear.

rest as they race to the next way to end the beginning of times windows into the holo-sphere in turn we find them lost again and an again they have yet to find again.

universe negative forty 3.4 is enveloped inside systems of spontaneous thought deductions that are not allowing their minds any real ideas of consistent focus where being alive is concerned often there.
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  • Reading: the cracks in realities endless spirials
  • Watching: computer balls in motion
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  • Eating: time stamps
  • Drinking: units of really fake systems of thought
Red: it was all red there was no end no beginning just the rivers of red like being in the body of all things that bleed red.  So much was even theory that there were every thought becoming distrust
worthy and lessons that avoid the mind were fondly becoming true then there was justice the justice of fine lines and limited being and being real that many were lost many absorbed by the light others lost in the darkness of silent forgetfulness like the emerging new the developing words that begin and end in every thought of now and then the new real the new oneness the formations of structure that was everywhere but found of theory like m.  the mimetically and harmless thoughts intuitive and valued as nothing when all there is is nothing more or less then any real.  Beckoning in sights of little measures of yesterdays motions and moving into frequencies when everywhere was frozen like moisture on the proverbial window of time.
Yellow the obvious was occurring again and needed to find a new direction for industrializations of boundless efforts when neither right nor wrong would work neither left or right would become vivid and valued like being inside the mind of everyone when no one was real and all the fakers that bullships in fracken Monday noises and intensity that realized the mana of forgetfulness were the ones were the right were the wrong and more so there is everything else left found like moving to and through the infinite blinding yellow drops in where vitamins began to produce what is neither necessary nor devalued by permeated pressures often lightly societies norms wore changed by bonus bounces wherever there were mothers and fathers on the nuclear home.
Orange the thoughts of being really new the forms of every theory that ever was that ever can begin in the sound effects looking back there is no reason for anything else becoming mostly formed like structures inside the mindless round forecasting inside three minutes of even and odd not that every moment makes some how the new real more real then every thing they know and was ever known like the bigger soundless forms and freedoms of frequent likes and dislike the new frequent likens to the metered bounds and kinks in the lines of time the obscure where every thought were to become temped and thoughtless fragrant ideas of and into theirselves.
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  • Reading: the cracks in realities endless spirials
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  • Playing: powerdirector
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vertigo nasal congestion remained in levity at new levels of thought and mind you i did no damage as was expected but how could it really matter at all.  moist viper effect in the mist of life and limb know that you are not God right?  What ever you say will remind me that you silly dudes and dudettes are righteous in loving life.  the response where necesary is unnecessary but invalid as well as lost indeed.

make a song rite with life inside the mind and outside the adjustment of time and space aligned with everythought that is nont ivne lustud voutle.

waiting for the world to keep in tought effects of likely niceness means nothing these days even to the dying but they will never know what that means because it is all or nothing to the end of life which never does end even in the end of some kind of lifelessness or onelessness indugem movum protious four portioun vataxiual.

blanted abscrued views inside mindless persons of nothing being really real or sorta like.   That very well now.
  • Listening to: Ravi Shankar => various Raga's
  • Reading: the cracks in realities endless spirials
  • Watching: the sky open into a perfect experience
  • Playing: daz studio
  • Eating: elephant marrows and hollowness
  • Drinking: the empty mountain stream of thoughts
involving the newest form of raining sunlight
dusk of dust and showers of lovely lights on
because where there is often nothing but a

what is the way to find the day that made I
know how and skies are full of life as lifeless
being bound and tied found out and lied how

values of qualities removed for error control
but then the issue was illusions of thoughts
banding the arts in visional neurological day

solid formational subsets of nurtured forces
contact with extra mentional aspirations @
the next well in time as life inside mindless
  • Listening to: Drone Zone on SomaFM 128 kbps Served best chi
  • Reading: spacetime bororo of brazil by S. M. Fabian
  • Watching: trixy and norton
  • Playing: daz studio
  • Eating: eye of eagle in dolphin sauce (not)
  • Drinking: red chemical extract
Love is not that we but us and them are being of the sound and in the mind that is like that it is of.

Freedom means knowing but not saying saying but not knowing why it was said but then nothing is ever said.

Peace is the end in a way that never ends but finds peace along the way to the end.
  • Listening to: "next other" 74:25 min song I wrote
  • Reading: spacetime bororo of brazil by S. M. Fabian
  • Watching: tracy like trails into the nite
  • Playing: Apophysis
  • Eating: brain food and other left overs
  • Drinking: water again?
gravitational spherically noises that end and begin at the same time as the effort of evolutionary devices of smiling while walking toward where we even know that this are meaning less and less like the thoughts that words describe in sculptured voids of influentially unique forces of power developing in the event field of sight that makes bardo alight on each other with fewer motions of proper propaganda then there is the memory of fire like a living choking of food ordinarily there is smells that welcome themselves into the soft spaces of lifeless infinites of knowledge in different streets down different roads oft inside the mind and yet not but this planet in space makes us look forward to frequent beyond considered given human words given human mistakes given human as the mind that makes the thought learn the quintessence of being one yet none going and staying but neither realized the other ...

yet ye ask for more where there is nothing inside the new that is now broken space and vivid musky frowns of lavender in and of their own mosquitoes like rides valued at net gains and as well there is some kind of virtue to making something happen again as if it happens before but never had it happened again the first time inside the fresh mind of life.  Water wood and a wet side of the thought that never happens again dot communications oft the event inside them when there is kind of a vivid broken latch of or lever that is not level still.

being of the thought that is not real ...  having been thought that everything outside of eden means nothing still.

stranger then the feeling of being real the color is exploding into the perfections of mind and mindless noises there are mean and meaningless of nothing that is once some substance of life in time of time but not now or then even before what was inside the laze of crazy post mockery tested as vivivivivivedly down the river of timeless bumblings in tune of Thursdays' black coat of fur like we ken and me can even view the void of memories like there inside the is of the newer way that was really well done again creeps the charcoals of non - nonsensical beings that make me scream till the dawn of life and death remain where they can not even be found yet known and understructure like freaking out on the edge of meaning where nothing is ever new. .. .
  • Listening to: Pandora Radio--on net/soma groove salad
  • Reading: the psychology of suicide
  • Watching: my mind melt into nothing
  • Playing: drowning in the kitchen sink
  • Eating: the noises inside my mind
  • Drinking: The idea that I have a mind
Of linage's dimensions inside the savoriest splendid bounties oft into the night of lightlessness in their way of living without the ever present noises of void punctuations inadvertently arriving where?
here and there are more left oft and over nightly intermittent nonsensical nonconformist in a society of thoughts and theories that interfere and infer there important suggestions of Granular synthetic environments of points that occur pointlessly where ever they might slightly involve night and day of the parmigiana Gods.  Shades of clustorial shadows in the ever important realities the never expose there weakening substance of periodical volume controls that involve next levels of increasing cheesy encrustations with croûtons inspiring lava lamps to vegetablize there view oft in three dimensional formation of chewy buildings that scrape the infinite ceiling of dinosaur's lost in the night of the living garbanzo and swiss bean formations from here to the cactus instances of realties that bump in the night of the live leviathan.
you have no clues left to explain and exploit your representations of noise units where ever they never remained connect to us.

do not comment on this unless you want me to comment on your comment..,
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  • Reading: the cracks in the road.
  • Watching: the river flow over my head
  • Playing: like - a dead stick in the water
  • Eating: realities before they occur to you
  • Drinking: coffee with extra caffeine
please get my dead stick and throw it ashore

right what ever life sucks and then some

where dieing is the wrong color and sleeping the only thing left to do

there is only so much suspended animation and can occur at the same time

vast voids of nothing still infect and contaminate my being

inside me there is less then nothing and still nothing remains real again.  

why do I press the enter button twice am I or is I counting the everything that is out of time indecent ocd...

by now there isn't any form of success I do not know... there by I have failed again successfully

losing the game means I win there by I have lost the game and lost it; being a lose lose lose situations in lifelessness

find my willingness at odds with my billing the person who is effect here by...

into the ever more;,, never again, but not even thoughts, make them different then from our milling over the box of lifeless meat pies that float along the river next to the stick I am ...

sideways pathwise and influenced by meaningless dharma plots (of land) so pointless to come ashore;,, in the night of nights in the light of the lost causes that retain their beingness into their minds sideways pathwise.
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  • Reading: anything that moves
  • Watching: everything change
  • Playing: psp sw battle front 2
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looking into the mirror of the transcendental twilight of life's horizon it is finding one self without self on being with - w/out being on thought with w/out thinking that thoughts make more or less the effect of ever perfect stills in the image of life and lifeless transcendental twilights.

following flows of eddies and currents of ideas that mature into and maneuver themselves well into the future where they know not what to do.  Realms of realigning effects are unaffected by the theory that noise is real or that factual importances blur the dialogs between what ever happens and will not even know what is known to be of ...


so in an aside to this post of the transcendental twilight of life's horizon I (and i use that pronoun loosely ) am just asking if someone could like buy me an account here at DA so I can really do a dandy job of postings with the journal entries other wise Id might continue to post a average entry less then often like I have been or post - ums at the blog spots for h92o (my more recent pen mmm keyboard name sake.)  or the blogings and artings things of.  You need not directly give the dag payed account to me just by some sorta thing i have listed in the "things" listing part of my little section of da site.

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thinking is less then average these days but what is a day in the life of lifeless days right?

inside then there is no outside of anything anymore but just more of the same as usual into their own forces and of thoughts that make them think they are thinking ware ars them that there be thinkin needen not read further then the nose on their face um   of course.. they don't  love4 even if they did love nothing would matter they do not know what love is as per a quote I quoted back to them making them angry and mad as well.. because things are different these days and movement is not action and actions never move they are in the act of being and becoming the act it self as if there was anything else to be of or in and on of ...
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  • Reading: poetry..,
  • Watching: water dip into the drain
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  • Eating: fried leaches in lemon sauce.
  • Drinking: time dilations in thoughtlessness
into the gates of hell they lock behind me in my mind opening the door to newness so few know they shutter at the thinking of being and meanings that humans mean.. , But to go into the next nexus never netting the profit that it reaps but it does not know how to think like they wait to see... Judgment by the judges - only to be given the "next" label that seems ineffective the a less direct way then to make you grow up into the fever of your brain cell bursting in my ears and you are easy to see what even these make my monotonous thoughts ponder a panda or kawallaby inside were they are no longer free like a mountain chained to a planet or a star drawn only to one galactic hub ever perfect yet still and measured like the flies that mate on the bar room stools

sitting in-side the mind of god(GOD) - GIVing two poops for the price of one timeless paper clip in the bent envelope where we are going onto the next sad escape inside the mind of nod when there was a pain that did not remain but ever so little did it become oft the expression of naught almost not but remembering the daisy's density and how OH how hard to push up to the light of the night that I am biting the bits of lite inside my brain and explainer intestinal fortitude with.

surface plus us never avid noises can't herd vortex entrance into the light that burns in the minds of the young forcing the possible effects that retell there contemptuous smells of real passion that feels true actually inside there own noise and the spirit of my wisdom teeth so lost and my mother says do not type more ... type more or less nothing please don't tell them where I am yet there is the postmortem effect of reflections that even still make the dream the texture reflectional

till we meet again... I will tell you kNow more
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as life would have it there seems to be a special thing that girls like to do to use "men" it is called make us lose our minds... how? In madness and sadness and thoughtlessness that over takes the idea of what is almost real with that which never happened   

did she just use the rubber I had for me and her with some other guy? I mean it is one thing to just see someone else a week after the engagement is disengaged but what do I do when the rubber they use was mine???

sadness anger thoughts of less then happiness- I still talk to her but only because she is human and is suffering from some kind of communications problem that makes her want to say these "words" to my telephone...   I will not see her again except for the picture on the wall.
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  • Drinking: I don't drink, I go to a 12 step program
As when things might occur is livid nostalgia that makes me sick.

where does it say that I need you or want you even to read this?

+insert unnecessary details here that make you happy at my expense+

As when these real things might even make sense they don't, still they can't value anything other then themselves.



(disclaimer--I was fired yesterday, I was disengaged last week [from my girl[who still hounds me]], I cried this morning for two hours or so - at least until I feel asleep, I have contemplated suicide to the point of going mad, and you mo fo's are not worth the efforts that even could be real, once in a while.)
making your mind up at all involves theoretically having one
I do not draw blanks; that is you doing that.

go decide what is really nice then let me know HOW I can Make it deviate from the norm into an experience that is worth having (now and then..)

after that write a letter or word that makes madness laughable and I will be the judge of its effect in the event of something real happening that is worth logging in the net of life's devices and vices there of.
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moving on and through - there, and am noticing what we called...the subsequent virtue of vices in a virtual thought where evolved meanings mean nothing and evil and good fear one another.  When the thing that could of, should of, and would become on the spot of lost souls of fools the fire in their lives of life into the night of being and now where were we lost in the fool's gold that alchemies wound but bow to in the right of siting institutionalized hemlock on a wing the fever reaches out of the flame of flowers in their own light of illusion the hollow of halls where the walls talk of their next brick to fill the cracks with in the vision of burnt off's and beaten egg thoughts into there own view of the city of noises and lost emotions and vivid lotions with others that are in their where about to ride the lights to the night ... again and again . . / when there was reasons why, would we remember then?

when the sun's fire breaks the night and the night becomes a real day of love into the might of sound forced out of the secret meekness of secreted smirks like the value of things yet to be and as away from there made less into now went their skies broken by the nitroglyserin in the scream of dreams so loud and unheard in their way.